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Website Homepage

ClericWisdom, Mar 16, 10 4:28 AM.
Need some help knowing what to get on the homepage, any input helps....stay tuned.

First Day as a New Member

A new member Will be able to chose his/her own destiny and role within the Great Halls of Wisdom , guild. Upon application the member is given two different starting paths to choose from, very simple and straight forward choices;

First choice is to be a Casual Member. This path is for those who would rather not have a rank, or worry about promotions, events, medals/awards, or any activities related. Just simply would like to have a guild, website, friends in-game, forums, or whatever else pleases the casual player, always with an option to choose to go "active" with a waiting period, or "Re-Trial"

The Second path obviously is to become active with the guilds forums, events "in-game" and "on-website", membership to the different halls and ranks programs, as well earn badges, awards, medals, and more related to "In-Game" content and events, as well website/forum activity. If the new member decides this path in their career here in the Halls of Wisdom these members will be given shelter in The Halls of Patience.

This area will be a kind of waiting period, or "Trial". The members will be required to post on the forums, and update as well as elaborate on content related to your characters. Members will be able to "apply" for membership to "Other Guild Halls" through the forums,( as well special assignments to these specific "Guild Halls" can be determined by Race/Class, Abilities In-Game such as Healer, Tanker, DPS, and so on.) (Members who "Multi-Class", may have less options of change between different halls.) Each hall will be Guild member ran, ( not by the leader of the guild itself but a member assigned to the rank high enough to run a Hall.) Guild members "As a whole" are all members of The Halls of Wisdom.  However, the member can be "classed" into a different hall, and sub classed with an extra rank within your certain hall, while still retaining rank and class from The Halls of Wisdom .

The Guild hall leaders will have a wide range of customizing features such as Guild hall name, Ranks, Awards, events, and more. As membership grows and activity of members fluctuates, Leaders can be subject to rotation, and new ranks or rolls will be assigned to meet the demand of members, as always to keep it fun, and to have a wealth of resources for new players and old players alike for building characters, Banking items,Platinum, and more.

More To Come!

I have some work to do putting up all the different "halls" logos and getting pages lined up for them, so for now they will mostly be generic names, and layouts. A "blank slate" if you will just waiting for a keen guild member to take over.

More information to come on Rewards, Medals, and Ranks. What one must do to earn them, What the Reward, Medal, or Rank provides for the member whom earned it, and more related to different "Guild Halls" accolades, ranks, medals, awards, and specializations.

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